Meet the HF   mily

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yoga &

catching up on laundry

J. Shields Headshot.jpeg

Jessica founded

HFA in 2012. She saw

agencies were using availability as the guiding

rule for staffing events, and she decided to take a

different approach - staffing based on passion for the

client's products

or services

Jessica Shields


AKA Momma J



World Traveler 


Bio & Foster Momma


Avid 300 miles a week kind of avid

Corey Clarke

Account Manager

AKA Unicorn Wrangler

Corey joined

HFA in December

2018. He pretty much

killed it from day one. Now Corey manages about a dozen accounts, and hundreds of unicorns (awesome brand ambassadors). He also

plans all of our

workouts at

HFA retreats 

Originally wanted to be an English teacher. Glad he chose


Photo Jun 30, 11 04 14 AM.jpg

Noraliz Miranda

Admin Asst.

AKA Miss Initiative

Nora is the

newest member of

the HFAmily. She joined two months before 2020 fell apart. We're glad she stuck around! By the time you think of something that needs to be done,

odds are, Nora's

done it.

Has an incurable case of wanderlust

Pro at

helping start-ups scale

Photo Jun 06, 3 20 44 PM.jpg


practicing yoga & catching up on laundry

Polly Dhanani

HR Manager


The Machine

Polly was our

"early adopter," joining

the HFA team in July 2018

(pre handbooks and direct deposit!). She handles most

of the legal mumbo jumbo related to having employees in 47 states. She says she

loves it. She's crazy,

but we love her.

Photo May 25, 1 35 36 PM.jpg

Chris Weaver

On-Call Manager

AKA The Fire Extinguisher

If things go

sideways on the

weekend, Chris is your

man. He took on the

newly-created On-Call

Manager position in

March 2019. Since then

he's resolved countless

would-be crises.

We think it's

his yoga practice that helps keep him



Lori Clarke

Sr. Admin Asst.

AKA Early Bird

Lori's encore

career with HFA

began in March 2019.

She loves our internal and BA team...and the ability to work remotely wherever

the plane lands...which

is often in AZ, where

her first grandchild




Frequent Flier


Home Decorator (may or may not be HGTV obsessed)

Lover of

all things


Kayla Kalinoski

Account Manager



Kayla joined

the HFAmily in March

2019. She manages more

than 150 demo reps on the Nordic Naturals program! She is the queen of Google Sheets and pivot tables. She's a unique blend of easygoing, hard-working and


3.9.20 HFA Jacket.jpg


Aficionado & 

Environmental Advocate


hiking, arts & crafts &





When you surround yourself with people who share a passion, magic starts to happen. This is why Health and Fitness Activations believes the #1 quality in every employee is a passion for health and fitness. We don’t want brand ambassadors and sales reps who are just there for a check. We want employees who genuinely want to share our client’s message. After all, if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.



We stand up for inclusion. We respect people, value diversity, and we believe every person should have a fair opportunity to thrive in our culture. We will not tolerate any type of discrimination. We not only communicate this in all new hire paperwork, client contracts, and pre-event instructions, but we commit to continuous growth in this area by dedicating team meetings to discuss key learnings on inclusion.


WEEKS 6-24

Integrity, honesty, transparency. These are the building blocks of trust in any organization. However, having these words on a sign (or a website for that matter) isn’t enough. At Health and Fitness Activations we believe that sharing the truth openly, whether it’s good news or bad, is the only way to do business. From the leadership to the brand ambassadors, we expect all of our team members to adhere to these values.

We view each and every task as an opportunity to go above and beyond. Good enough is not good enough. It’s all about providing our clients and team members with the “wow” factor at every turn. Sometimes this is handwritten thank you cards to our brand ambassadors reminding them how much we appreciate them. Other times it’s providing our clients with custom training decks, no matter how big or small the program is.