A Different Approach to Field Marketing

When it comes to health-and-fitness-related marketing events, most experiential agencies just don't get it. At Health and Fitness Activations we provide hard-working, reliable and passionate staff who create memorable connections with your consumers, increasing the ROI of your demos and events. This passion, along with our expertise in the health and fitness space, and administrative support make us an excellent turn-key solution for your event planning and staffing needs.

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Retail Demos

We fill your demo shifts with any old demo rep who says they're available, and then we just hope they show up. Do we have your attention?  Unfortunately, this is how many agencies operate.


At Health and Fitness Activations, we believe passion is the key to making genuine connections between your brand and target consumer, and this isn't just a theory. Based on our most recent case study, HFA outperformed our competitors by 70% (measured in units sold). 


Our secrets? A rigorous selection process, best-in-class training and weekend support.


Expo West? Outdoor Retailer Show? Interbike? We've got you!

Industry tradeshows can make or break your whole quarter...or even year! And nailing the execution from the planning of the space to the people in the booth is key!


We will make sure your show is a success, whether that means helping you plan your activation or simply providing passionate, educated brand partners to man (or woman) your booth. Let us know how we can help!

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If you need extra hands at an event, we've got you covered from Seattle to Miami (plus Honolulu and Anchorage). Let's get energized, hard-working and well-educated brand partners to help you maximize the impact of your event marketing activations.

Or better yet, let us help you create your own events! A branded yoga experience? Sure! A runner-targeted sampling program? You betcha! A health-focused mom's day out? Absolutely!

Marathon Breakfast Tour

Looking for other ways to get your brand in your target consumers' hands? 

High endurance athletes just do not quit. Rain or shine you can count on your running or cycling group to keep you accountable.


We will get your brand front and center with 100s of health-minded individuals who are ready to live and breathe your product. Let us be the ones to help you achieve the results you want!!

Street Teams

Street teams are a great way to sample and educate commuters, park-goers, music-festival attendees (if that's still a thing) with a lower pricetag than an official sponsorship.

We can help you plan out a custom activation that will get samples to your target demographic in a fun and cost-effective way.

We Show Up

In 2019, HFA had over a 95% execution rate. How? A few things. First, we really do focus on finding the right people the first time - people who genuinely want to share your message, so work isn't a drag for them. Then, we give them the real-time training via video chat (ensuring everyone is paying attention).


We have an on-call manager on duty, ready to solve any issues in real-time. His name is Chris. He is a saint.

We know from the other side how it is to call an account and reschedule a demo or work an event short-staffed. We do our absolute best to avoid putting you in that position. 

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Where Do We Staff?

We currently staff in 47 states. Wyoming, North Dakota and Delaware - we hope to add you to the list soon!


Let's do this! Contact us today.