• Noraliz Miranda

5 Productivity Hacks for Working At Home

Corey's home office set up

Distractions, the feeling of isolation, skipping rush hour traffic and being able to work from just about anywhere with a good wifi....these are all part of the work from home package. I’ve been working at home in some capacity for the last 6 years and I often get asked if I prefer this to an office. My answer? Absolutely. If you’re struggling with being productive at home, check out these secrets I’ve learned along the way.

1. Set Your Alarm.

I’ve never been one to wake up last minute and rush to the office. When working from home, I didn’t allow myself to do any differently. I still wake up early enough to go through my morning routine.

Workout. Being at home, sometimes it feels like you now have all the hours of the day available to workout, but I don’t overdo it. I workout my usual 30 minutes up to an hour and move on. I’ve made the mistake in the past of overdoing it and honestly it just sets me up for getting tired earlier in the day and diminishing my productivity hours. Plus, I want to be sure I have enough energy for another workout tomorrow!

Breakfast. I always have my morning cup of coffee, but that is not considered breakfast for me. When I say breakfast, I’m talking the entire spread: eggs, toast, oatmeal or all of the above. :) This a MUST for me.

Shower. Of course if I workout I always want to shower afterwards, but even on rest days I always change my outfit. Staying in pajamas keeps me in an “easy like Sunday morning” mood all day. But, getting dressed automatically puts me in a great work attitude.

2. Go “to work”

I don’t necessarily have a workstation set in my small apartment. I can work from the table in the patio, dining table or even in the living room, but what I absolutely NEVER do is work from bed or anywhere in my bedroom.

Nora says don't work from bed!

It may just be me, but I prefer to go to bed when I’m ready to sleep, so working from bed just makes my body confused. I need my body to know when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to work. Based on my expert opinion, productivity and sleeping are mutually exclusive..

3. Work during your most productive hours I’m 100% a morning person. I know my body and during the late afternoon and evening I’m the least productive, so I always focus on doing the highest priority or more cognitively demanding tasks in the morning.

4. Take Self-Care Breaks

Dirty laundry and cluttered counters can call to you when you work from home. I avoid doing housework during the day because ultimately, when I take breaks during the day, I prefer to take them for my physical well-being. My two daily breaks are: for fresh air and water.

Our founder, Jessica, enjoying fresh air and sunshine

It might be opening my windows, taking a walk to get the mail or throwing the ball for my dog, but I always find a way to get some fresh air. I find it rejuvenating!

As for water, I usually forget about my water intake when I'm focused on a task, so I set alarms throughout the day to remind me to stand up and drink some water or tea. This small break not only refreshes my body but I feel like I get an extra energy boost.

5. Set a Schedule

I start and end my workday at the same time each day. If working extra time, it is exactly that; extra time. Having set hours makes not only my brain and body feel better after a certain time of the day but, being married, it also helps my partner know what the best times are to reach me.

Sidenote here, I also communicate this schedule to my friends and family, who sometimes forget that working at home is still, well…working.

If you’ve been having trouble being productive at home, I hope these tips help!