Time for an Encore Career? The Lori Story

March 25, 2019, after more than three decades (what!!??) of working in the dental industry, I made a hard stop and left everything I knew for…who knows? So here’s me, 60 years old and embarking on a new career, my encore career. Instead of retiring, like many of my friends, I get my kicks from Google Sheets and my inspiring team at HFA, oh, and working remotely whenever and wherever I travel!

Lori of Health and Fitness Activations preparing food in a kitchen
Celebrating my One-Year HFA Anniversary (with my new jacket!)

As with most small businesses, I, like the rest of my team, wore a lot of hats. On any given day, I could be found chairside assisting, coordinating treatment, arranging finances, dealing with insurance companies, and finally managing a dental practice – I did everything but drill! It was a fulfilling career, and dentistry is always evolving, so it keeps the daily grind fresh. Bonus: I loved working in a field where the gateway to my body was as important to others, as it is to me.

Throughout the years, I worked with talented dental providers and professionals. My super power and joy was helping patients understand what the doctor was going to do, putting them at ease and alleviating any fears so they could experience the joy of a beautiful smile. And I never took for granted the trust they put in me.

But with all the feel goods came the everyday realities. Honestly, you never get used to the reply to your “Hello, how are you?” being “fine until I saw you,” or having patients remind you at every appointment how much they dread coming to your office. When you couple that “heartfelt” greeting with the scope of my work: asking people for significant sums of money, dealing with insurance companies, and managing a group of highly educated professionals, it really had all the makings of a job that could suck the joy right out of you.

So flash forward, and life throws us the most beautiful curveball…we found out our first grandchild would rock our world in August…5 states away! For this Grammy, that meant one thing – I needed to be able to work remotely so I could get down to Arizona as often as possible!

So the search was on for the perfect remote gig. The #1 prerequisite? This is going to be my fun job! This is going to be the job I get to do every day. And suddenly all the stars aligned and my journey with HFA began. The best part is the happenstance of how I found my new team. My son, Corey, who also works for Health and Fitness Activations, put me up for the position of administrative assistant (proud mom moment). Lucky for me, he is always looking out for his folks, and with that, Corey made the pitch and introductions to get the ball rolling!

It was one of my finest moments, if I do say so myself; day one of my new remote position – alone, no team surrounding me, working in my home office. I embarked on this incredible new journey from my desk in the heart of my home, fitting for this HGTV addict. I discovered I now had the opportunity to completely reinvent my days: no lunch to prep, no rifling through my closet, and no insurance companies! And my three canine coworkers were also wagging their tails for the change. Unlimited potty breaks and outdoor investigating? Yes please! Time for all of us to live our best lives.

Me and My "Why"

As the “senior” administrative assistant to our team, I’m surrounded by a group of young, tech-savvy and kind people. I love the whole vibe I get talking to interesting brand ambassadors from around the country, and trust me, the replies I get to my “hellos” are much friendlier than the dental days!

The lesson I want to share is that it doesn’t matter what you aspire to do, it’s why. My why motivated me to make a change so significant, I can’t imagine life any other way.

So, if you think that you have to stay in a position that doesn’t bring you joy, think again. In the end, I am so thankful these millennials took a chance on this flowerchild.


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