Sales Support

Changing the Way Retail Sales Are Done

By utilizing Health and Fitness Activations’ blitz sales program, you can replace or enhance a traditional broker sales model. Health and Fitness Activations provides dedicated sales reps, focused on only your brand. Unlike brokers, whose attention is divided, our reps are only speaking with department managers about YOUR products.

How Does it work?

These dedicated sales reps are able to assist you with selling in new products, retailer education, in-store demos, merchandising, distribution verification, new product sampling, competitor pricing data, and aisle support.

Our fee structure is simple. There is a flat rate (varies by region), plus a bonus for meeting distribution and velocity goals. That's it. No ongoing commission. No competing with other brands to get your message heard. No ongoing cost of a full-time sales rep.

Want to lock in a great sales rep to kick off your next launch?




Meet and Greet with Key Accounts

Educate Retailers on Products​

New Product Distribution Focus​

WEEKS 6-24

Velocity Focus in Existing Accounts: Demos, Merchandising, Staff Education

Distribution Focus in Target Accounts