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Our passion is helping health and fitness related brands create genuine connections with their target consumers - in the retail space and beyond!

With experience in product launches, strategic account management and brand-building experiential marketing, Health and Fitness Activations can help you grow your sales and expand market share.



Launching in retail can be overwhelming and missteps early on can cost you big in the long run! Avoid key mistakes emerging brands make with this one-on-one consulting that will help you navigate the world of retail!



Replacing or complimenting the traditional broker model, our 12-24 week programs focus on gaining and supporting new distribution. We support with sales, merchandising, retailer education and more.

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Get your product in target consumers' hands! We find brand partners who are reliable and passionate about sharing your brand and message with your target consumer. Then, we provide them the tools to succeed!

Our Roots

Health and Fitness Activations was founded to answer a need...a need for speed. Wait no, a need for passion. 


Jessica Shields, the founder of Health and Fitness Activations, is an avid marathoner. She knows how far hard work, determination and passion can take you. And when she was in your shoes, using an agency to support her at retail and events, she was disappointed in what she saw.

They didn't seem to "get it." Where were the salespeople and demo reps who shared her passion for the brand's mission - people who could sell without "selling" because their desire to share what made this brand amazing naturally spilled out in every conversation?

So, she set off to find these folks. Building on what she learned in 10 years of working as a demo rep and 7 years in CPG sales, Jessica created a high-touch agency that helps connect brands with hand-selected brand partners to represent them at retail and events. 

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