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Increase Retail Sales with In-Store Demos

We fill your demo shifts with any old demo rep who says they’re available, and then we just hope they show up and can talk their way into the store. Do we have your attention? Unfortunately, this is how many agencies operate. Scary, right?

Don’t worry – we are #adifferentkindofagency. With a long history in the CPG space, we understand that when executed well, demos are a key way to increase retail sales. We provide expertise in store selection, demo table design, store communication, event reporting, and more.

Then, we staff hard-working, reliable, and passionate brand ambassadors who create memorable connections with your consumers. At Health and Fitness Activations, we believe passion is the key to making genuine connections between your brand and target consumer, and this isn’t just a theory. Based on our most recent case study, HFA outperformed our competitors by 70% (measured in units sold).

Our secrets? A rigorous selection process, best-in-class training, and weekend support.

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