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If your brand was a person, it would be best friends with your target consumer. At Health and Fitness Activations, we create branded events focused on creating that genuine, deep connection between your brand and your target audience. And we know just any old run of the mill event won’t do that. Our events are created to embody your brand’s personality, mission, and core values. We get you. That’s what makes us a different kind of agency.


Expo West? Outdoor Retailer Show? The Consumer Electronics Show? We’ve got you! Industry trade shows can make or break your whole quarter…or even year! And nailing the execution from the planning of the space to the people in the booth is key!

We will make sure your show is a success, whether that means helping you plan your tradeshow activation or simply providing passionate, educated brand ambassadors to man (or woman) your booth. Let us know how we can help.

PlantFusion brand ambassadors in store
Brand mobile tour with young ladies holding Synergy Raw Kombucha

Mobile Tours

A branded truck, lively music, product sampling, smiling brand ambassadors – that’ll get their attention every time! Mobile marketing tours offer a unique way to engage your customers. Utilize these at events, as part of a tradeshow activation, in grocery store parking lots, or at one of our signature events to increase your brand awareness.

The options for mobile tours are almost endless! We can help you with designing the experiential marketing truck, creating an event schedule, and getting all of the necessary details, like required permitting and staff, nailed down to ensure a successful tour.

Sponsorship Activation

Sporting events, such as marathon expos, music festivals, crossfit games, etc., are a great way to engage with your target demographic where they are truly living their best lives. With creativity and proper planning, these events can create a stir at some of the nation’s largest events!

Let us craft brand-specific activations that achieve your goals of data collection, product sampling, increasing brand awareness, or getting a social media buzz.

Invo Coconut Water Guerrilla Marketing team

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing, or street teams, are a great way to sample and educate commuters, park-goers, music-festival attendees, etc., with a lower price tag than an official sponsorship. When your team takes the streets at these events, they are able to encounter thousands of potential customers. This is a great strategy for a national or regional campaign.

We can help you create a custom product sampling or brand awareness activation that will engage your target demographic in a fun and cost-effective way.

Signature Events

Beach Cleanups

Let’s team up to leave this planet better than we found it. Beach cleanups, or even better, beach clean-up tours, are an experiential marketing campaign that sustainably-minded consumers connect with on a deeply personal level. With elements like branded tents, trash/recycling bin wraps, live music (or the perfect playlist), and a post-cleanup snack/meal, this activation is impactful, full of fun, and guaranteed to leave your attendees with all the feel-good feelings to cherish for life!

And we know you aren’t doing this just for a photo op…but it does offer a great way to highlight your company’s commitment to sustainability on social media.

Experiential Marketing beach clean up
Killer Sammies Eco Friendly Event

Eco-Friendly Events

Consumers and brands are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint. We are proud to offer eco-friendly experiential marketing events to support sustainably-minded brands. We use compostable supplies for product sampling including cups, utensils, food service gloves and napkins. In addition, we ensure all cleaning supplies are plant-based and nontoxic. We also partner with local food banks to ensure no food goes to waste.

Marathon Breakfast Tours

High endurance athletes are a unique kind of strange. They don’t quit. 32 degrees and raining? They’re out there pounding the trail. 90 degrees with 100% humidity? Yep, they’re putting in the miles. On our marathon breakfast tour, we offer sponsored branded breakfasts to endurance athletes after their long run or ride for a completely original product sampling experience.

This tour offers a great opportunity to connect with higher-income, community-oriented, health-minded adults.

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