8 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Demo Display

One thing we’ve learned by helping companies launch their retail demo programs is that brands almost always underestimate the importance of having a first-rate demo display. Product sampling is almost always the goal, but that can’t happen if customers are unwilling to approach your table. So, how do you make your demo display inviting and exciting? Consider these 8 suggestions!

8 Ideas to Create an Inviting Demo Display

8 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Demo Display 1. Clean set-up

Nothing will send customers away faster than a messy display table. Crumbs and spilled beverages are not enticing. I mean – if your display table looks like that…what does your production facility look like? Never mind, we don’t want to imagine it. Having a clean table should be a given, but sometimes brand ambassadors overlook this simple step.

2. Fruit & Veggies

If you have a product that has fruit and veggies in it, consider adding some items from the produce department to your table. If you’re a tropical kombucha brand, how about adding some pineapple, mango, and kiwi on your table? It adds interest to the display and is also a great visual representation of your nutritional benefits!

3. Vertical, colorful signage

In our kits, we use 8 ½ x11 sign holders to display branded messaging. We work with our clients to produce colorful signage that clearly displays their key talking points. Vertical signage can be seen from several feet away, which is helpful when a customer looks over and wonders what you are offering.

8 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Demo Display 4. Full-Sized Products or Packaging Flats

Full-sized products are self-explanatory. Packaging flats are broken down, empty product packages. These can easily be shipped and then your brand ambassador can set them up at their demo table. If your product is not shelf stable, this is a great way to increase branding and let customers see what they are looking for on the shelf!

5. Tablecloth

A tablecloth makes your table look much more put together. You can go with a standard black one or get a tablecloth in your company color. This is recommended if your company has a more boisterous color pallet – like orange or hot pink. One word of caution: avoid the plastic trash bag-looking tablecloths. Instead, go with a reusable cloth tablecloth.

6. An ice bucket (for cold products)

If your product must stay chilled, or tastes better when it is, use a clear ice bucket to keep your product cold, while also keeping it on display. Add at least 1 of each flavor for product sampling and stay close to the cooler with the products so you can easily walk customers over to them when they are ready to purchase. Pro tip: you can usually get free ice from the fish department.

8 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Demo Display 7. Seasonal décor

Hearts, pumpkins, or pinecones can spruce up your table and make it more inviting to consumers. Often, the floral department will loan you something to display on your table. If you can’t find something there, craft stores usually have lots of affordable options as well.

8. Product Samples

This one sounds so obvious, but it’s worth noting. If customers can’t figure out where the samples are at a glance, they might not stop. Most customers won’t ask you if you could pour them a sample. Having a couple of samples out makes your table more inviting for consumers.

We hope you find these tips helpful! Have more ideas on ways to create a unique and inviting demo table? Share them below!


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