How to Find the Perfect Brand Ambassador

One of the many questions I’m asked during new business meetings is “how does HFA find their brand ambassadors?” This is such a great question because how exactly do we find the “perfect” candidate for your unique brand when we work with a variety of brands? Let me tell you, it’s not a one size fits all type of deal. Especially considering we are an experiential marketing agency that believes the number 1 quality each employee must exude is passion.

How to Find the Perfect Brand Ambassador So how do we do it? By understanding the interview process begins before the applicant even meets with a Health and Fitness Activations manager. The screening process officially begins with the candidate’s first interaction with HFA.

1.    Filling out a Questionnaire

Whether we recruit a candidate through a current HFA team member or by a job posting listed on Indeed, the candidate must answer a few basic questions about who what they know about the brand they’re applying to work with. In this section we’re looking to see if the applicant can provide a thought-out response to each question without typos or grammatical errors. Showing an effort is important!

How to Find the Perfect Brand Ambassador 2.    Scheduling the Interview

Applicants who make it to the next round in the process are invited to schedule a video call interview with one of our managers who has been trained on how to interview the HFA way. We allow selected candidates to choose a date and time that works best for their calendar. Then we see if they show up on time, prepared to showcase their knowledge and passion for the brand they’re applying for.

We understand schedule changes occasionally arise and if the applicant needs to reschedule the interview, proper communication with a reasonable amount of time will be key. Should they choose to reschedule 3 minutes into the scheduled interview, we will not accept the reschedule. This is part of the candidate’s first impression and if they already show they’re going to be unreliable and lack outstanding communication, we’ll believe them. They’re not the right fit for the HFA team.

How to Find the Perfect Brand Ambassador 3.    The Vetting Process

Within the first 10-20 seconds you should already have a gauge for how this person makes you feel. Do they seem excited or uncomfortable meeting you? Since we’re in the business of generating hundreds of live interactions, these first moments are important to study as this is likely how the candidate is going to greet each new person on site at your event.

Most interviews last between 20-30 minutes and without getting into the specific questions we ask during the interviews, which is really a blog post in its own (read more here), I can tell you we don’t ask your traditional interview questions. Instead, we really focus this time to get to know the person sitting on the other side of the screen. Why? Because experiential marketing is all about connection and the interviewer will need to be able to read what type of experience the applicant will provide to your customers.

Once we finish vetting the candidate and answer their most important questions, we spend time analyzing each person against the others in their market. We ask ourselves which candidate is the best fit for not just the brand, but also for the job they’re applying for. Additionally, are they going to prioritize HFA and the brands we work with? Are they going to bring the passion to each event?

Need help interviewing brand ambassadors for your trade shows and events? Just ask!


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