How to Make Sure Your Application Stands Out

We hire 200-300 brand ambassadors every year. So, we’ve become very efficient at reviewing resumes and applications. Sometimes we get over 100 applications for a single position. Most only get a first glance before we dismiss them.

How can you make sure your application makes it to the short stack? Here are some tips!

How to Make Sure Your Application Stands Out 1. Be thorough.

We usually include 3-4 job-specific questions in our job postings. About 30% of our applicants enter N/A for the answer.

Question: Please tell us about your knowledge of kombucha.

Answer: N/A

We dismiss these candidates because we believe your baseline knowledge about the product you are applying to represent isn’t “N/A,” but very “A.”

2. Show enthusiasm.

We can’t see your smile in your digital application, but we can feel the tone in the words you choose. Try to choose upbeat verbiage that helps the application screener get a sense of what makes you excited about this specific position.

3. Read instructions.

Did the employer ask you to use a certain subject line? Or maybe send a follow up item to a particular email address? Do it. I can’t tell you how many people have lost out on an experiential marketing position with us because we weren’t sure which program or market they were applying for.

How to Make Sure Your Application Stands Out 4. Check your spelling.

I did win my school’s spelling bee in elementary school. And to this day, I can be a little persnickety about grammar. And there is a 0% chance I will hire you if you confuse “aisle” and “isle” on your application. Call me crazy, but I’d rather avoid having to fix the grammar on all of your event reports if I can. The person reading your application won’t always be a spelling bee champ. But just in case, it’s best to check your spelling before hitting submit!

5. Show what you offer.

Many applicants focus on why the position would be a good fit for them, not why they would be a good fit for the position. Make sure to focus on your knowledge, outgoing nature, strong sales experience, etc., to demonstrate how much value you would bring to their company. Lots of people want remote work, flexible hours, and a values-driven company. You have to show why you are the right person for the job!

How to Make Sure Your Application Stands Out 6. Overdeliver.

If possible, give the employer more than they ask for. We’ve had candidates attach photos of their experiential marketing events, share a personal story about the product they’re applying to represent, or sometimes just attach a headshot. We even had a man add a cover letter explaining he is adventurous because he “helped deliver his two daughters during their home births.” Random for sure, but it definitely stood out!

7. Apply quickly.

As an experiential marketing agency, with lots of clients and event requests coming through in real time, we don’t always have a lot of lead time for events. So, we are moving and shaking as candidates apply. If you want to make it to the interview round, we recommend you apply as soon as you see the posting.

We hope you put these tips to work and land the job of your dreams!

Did we miss any tips? Add them in the comments below.


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