Is Guerrilla Marketing Right for Your Business?

Is Guerrilla Marketing Right for Your Business? If you want to get a lot of samples out fast in a cost-effective way – you’re probably considering guerrilla marketing. The planning is relatively simple compared to other styles of experiential marketing.

1. Assemble a street team.

2. Load them up with thousands of samples.

3. Send them into the oncoming traffic at a busy metro station, music festival, or baseball game.

4. Hand out samples until your arms fall off.

It’s an appealing option for many brands. But is it right for your brand? We’re glad you asked. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Is your brand pretty self-explanatory or does it need some serious education?

If your product’s brand message is simple, guerrilla marketing may be a good choice. Guerrilla marketing doesn’t usually lend itself to conversations lasting more than a few seconds to a minute, so if your brand is more complex, like many supplements or functional beverages, you may find it difficult to get your messaging across at this style of event.

  • Do you have strong distribution in the area? Is Guerrilla Marketing Right for Your Business?

If your product can be found at most of the retailers in the area, that’s certainly going to increase the effectiveness of your guerrilla marketing program. If you do product sampling or hand out coupons, and then the person can pick up your product on their next visit to their local retailer, that’s an easier ask than having them log onto your website, because visiting their local retailer is already part of their routine.

  • Does your product have a wide target demographic or is it niche?

If your product is something almost everyone could use, like a better-for-you-chip, or sustainably produced tissues, handing out thousands of samples at a large event can help build your brand awareness in an effective way. However, if your product is specifically for expectant mothers or Ironman athletes, you would do better finding a more niche event that has a higher percentage of your target consumers.

  • Does your product make a great first impression or is it something that grows on you?

Is Guerrilla Marketing Right for Your Business? If your product tastes great or has a benefit that wows your consumers on their first trial, your product lends itself well to guerrilla marketing. If consumers try a product that tastes great or a sunscreen that goes on clean on their way into a music festival, you’ve just created a positive experience between that consumer and your product. If, however, you have a greens powder that makes you feel great if you take it for 30 days, that’s going to be a more difficult product to feature in a guerrilla marketing campaign.

  • Is your product seasonal or does it work year-round?

If your product works year-round, events throughout the year are fair game. But if your product is a seasonal product, you’ll need to look at the timing of the events you’re targeting, in addition to the size. No one really craves hot chocolate at an outdoor event in July, so even if you hand out a million samples, your increase in sales will likely be underwhelming.

We realize there is a lot to consider when determining what type of experiential marketing is right for you. Guerrilla marketing is a great option for many brands, especially brands that have simple brand messaging, strong distribution, and a wide target demographic.

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