What Are Our Jobs Again? Making the most of the COVID-19 halt

98% of our business is event planning, management & staffing. We were one of the first industries that came to a screeching halt due to COVID-19. People keep asking me what we are doing now that we aren’t planning, managing and staffing events. Well, pretty much everyone on the team has new temporary titles, but one thing remains the same – our team is committed to looking at what we CAN do, not what we can’t.

Let me walk you through what everyone is up to these days.

Jessica, the founder of health and fitness activations


Normal Title: Founder

COVID Title: New Service Creator & Unemployment Claim Processor

I am working on some top-secret projects like fleshing out a new service we are launching to help new brands navigate their way in the retail space. Once these are finalized, I’ll be the one updating our website to show off the shiny new offerings.

Also, with over 800 W-2s sent out last year and our entire industry on hold, I spend a good bit of my days corresponding with various state agencies about unemployment claims. Time is of the essence to ensure everyone who is eligible for benefits receives their payments as soon as possible!


Normal Title: On-Call Manager

COVID Title: Email Marketing King

With literally no events to monitor, Chris has moved from his usual Thursday-Monday schedule to join us all in a “normal” Monday-Friday. Welcome to weekdays Chris! Chris is taking on an email marketing campaign project to share valuable tips on how to launch and plan a field marketing program. We are excited to see the final product!


Normal Title: Administrative Assistant

COVID Title: Social Media Mastermind

Nora normally helps with our Flying Embers account – entering events into Promomash, approving event reports and keeping the client up to date. Now, she is putting together social media content for the foreseeable future to ensure we are providing our clients and BAs value in the social media space long after this COVID season has passed. Shameless plug here – if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Insta and Facebook!


Normal Title: Account Manager

COVID Title: Innovator

Corey is used to juggling many accounts and priorities. He manages all new client launches, while also keeping everything buttoned up on existing programs. Currently, with no events to manage, Corey is using his creative side to put together a turnkey solution for our clients and potential clients to reach runners and cyclists on their home turf (i.e. not at the grocery store). It’s going to be really amazing.


Normal Title: HR Manager

COVID Title: The HR Superhero

Polly’s always had a crucial and intricate role. I mean, she does payroll for hundreds of people per month. That’s pretty important. She also single-handedly manages labor law compliance in 45 states and is the main point of contact for many people who have questions about wage verifications for unemployment claims. She is The Woman. If that wasn’t enough, with schools closed, she now has her two sweet daughters at home. For real – she’s a champion.

Polly's two adorable girls
Polly's two adorable girls


Normal Title: Account Manager

New Title: Keeping the Lights On

Kayla manages our largest account. At this time, this is our only account still executing (a small portion of) their demo program. Kayla is holding down the fort there. She’s also working with Lori on updating email templates to ensure new hires have a smooth onboarding as well as updating internal documents so we know what to do if Kayla ever goes on vacation…which we hope she will  Exciting, right? It totally is for us internally!


Normal Title: Senior Admin

COVID Title: Process Improver

Lori usually does invoicing, approving Promomash reports, brand ambassador communication, and about a million other administrative tasks. With her newly found spare time, she is working on improving several processes, including: BA training decks, invoicing and payroll. On the other side of COVID-19, this will save us hours each week on administrative tasks. Now, that’s time well spent if you ask me!

Even with these projects, our team also has quite a bit of free time. So, we are encouraging everyone to enjoy time with their family, enjoy the outdoors where possible or other passion projects. Lori has made 150 masks for healthcare workers. Corey’s done several 40-mile bike rides. Nora and Chris are both fostering dogs. Kayla has some hikes on the books. Polly is teaching her daughters all the things. I’ve learned how to cut my husband’s hair.

Lori & Corey meal prepping in their kitchen
Lori & Corey - Meal Prepping Masters!

Wherever you are today, my encouragement is to focus on what you CAN do, both personally and professionally. What can you do now that will get you into a better position for when COVID-19 passes? Is there a new product or service you can offer? Can you get ahead on something that will give you more bandwidth on the other side of this season?

Maybe it’s learning how to work meal preps into your life. Maybe it’s enjoying time with your 5-year-old before she starts kindergarten in the fall. Ok – that last one is pretty much just me. The point is, we should all acknowledge what we have lost, but focus on what we have not.


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