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Blood, sweat and tears are all part of the journey in creating a "baby" (i.e. brand) worthy of holding a place in your target consumers' hearts. Can we get an amen?  We know you know your brand better than anyone else, but sometimes you need help getting that message out there! That's where we come in. Whether it's helping you in the early stages creating a custom go-to-market strategy, fleshing out your sales team or getting the message to the masses via field marketing, we are excited to join you on your journey!

HFA Can Help Every Step of the Way!

HFA has put together a Go to Market Strategy that will help you map out the first 6 months of your product launch. 


Which retailer(s) should you pitch first? What information do you need for your first meeting with a category manager? What kind of concessions do you need to make in order to have short term AND long term success? 

Making a great product is only the first step. Now, how do you get it into stores?

Great! You've received a green light from the category manager! Your product is going to be on the shelves. Pop the champagne!

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. You need in-store support to make sure the product is not only on the shelves, but the store staff also knows what it is and why it's amazing.

Once you get it in a retail chain, how do you support it on a store by store level?

We hear your questions. And we have the answers

Contact us to help you build your sales and brand presence in retail and beyond!

In order to build demand, you've got to make a genuine connection with your target consumer.

Nothing does this better than an in-person encounter. Our field marketing program creates memorable impressions on your target consumer in retail demos, 5k expos, tradeshows and more!

Once it's on the shelves, how do you make sure it sells? How do you increase velocity?


Our passion is helping health and fitness related brands create genuine connections with their target consumers - in the retail space and beyond!

With experience in product launches, strategic account management and brand-building experiential marketing, Health and Fitness Activations can help you grow your sales and expand market share.



Launching in retail can be overwhelming and missteps early on can cost you big in the long run! Avoid key mistakes emerging brands make with this one-on-one consulting that will help you navigate the world of retail!



Replacing or complimenting the traditional broker model, our 12-24 week programs focus on gaining and supporting new distribution. We support with sales, merchandising, retailer education and more.

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Get your product in target consumers' hands! We find brand partners who are reliable and passionate about sharing your brand and message with your target consumer. Then, we provide them the tools to succeed!