Tips for Acing your Brand Ambassador Interview

Between all of our programs, our team probably interviews 30-50 brand ambassadors each week. We’ve seen it all. We had a woman who wouldn’t answer our interview questions because the FBI was listening in. We had an interviewee who answered every question with a single-word answer, and then would burst out laughing every couple of minutes.

Tips for Acing your Brand Ambassador Interview While those interviewees do stand out, you want to stand out in a different, more…let’s say…hirable way. After thousands of interviews, we’ve identified the top things we are looking for from candidates during that first meeting and today we’re sharing them!

Here are our top tips to help you stand out at your next interview:

1. Read the job posting

We know most of our brand ambassadors apply for lots of gig-type roles at a time. The details of one job can often get muddled with one another. This can lead to awkward situations, like asking questions about a different job than the one you’re interviewing for. Take a quick review of the job you’re interviewing for right before your interview so you can make sure to highlight the appropriate experience and ask the right questions.

Tips for Acing your Brand Ambassador Interview 2. Know what product you’re interviewing for

We’ve had countless people tell us how they don’t eat dairy while interviewing for a dairy-based yogurt brand. That’s probably not going to work out. We’ve had people who had no idea what kombucha is interviewing for a position on our kombucha program. Ummm…that’s a no. Doing just a little bit of research about a brand or product will make you stand out during the interview process.

3. Be genuine

If you’re not an expert about Omega-3s, don’t pretend you are. But that doesn’t mean you have to just phone it in during the interview. You can still look into what Omega-3s do for your body and talk with your interviewer about what you have learned and who you believe could benefit from this supplement. After decades in the business, we can almost always see through the “stuff.” Be yourself!

Tips for Acing your Brand Ambassador Interview 4. Be clear on what you bring to the position

Many candidates tell us why a position would be good for them. This position may be your dream job, but the goal for us at Health and Fitness Activations is to find the person who brings the most to the position, not the position that brings the most to the person. Keep that in mind as you interview and focus on communicating the unique value you bring to the brand ambassador position you are interviewing for.

5. Be upbeat

No one wants to hire Eeyore. Whether you’re applying to be one of our brand ambassadors or interviewing for a position with an accounting firm, people prefer to work with people who are upbeat. We aren’t saying to abandon being genuine for an over-the-top ecstatic version of yourself but show your positive side. Show you’re excited about the position and where it can lead.

We hope these tips help when you’re interviewing for your dream gigs, maybe for one of our experiential marketing programs! Interested in joining us for an interview? Apply here and we will reach out when we have an opening in your area!


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