3 Keys to Successful Recruiting: Pandemic Style

Nordic Naturals brand ambassador

Recruiting reliable, passionate BAs can be difficult during any season, but the one we are in takes the cake. If you decide to recruit your own brand ambassadors during this pandemic, here are a few challenges you may not have thought through: 1. Fewer applicants If you’re used to recruiting through Facebook groups, Trusted Herd, […]

“Into the Unknown:” HFA’s 2021 Goals

One of Our First GT's Demos!

When I look at our goals for 2020, I can’t help but chuckle (ok – maybe also cry a little) at my naïve 2019 self. Of course, no one saw the freight train of 2020 coming, right? Just for good humor, let’s recap the goals we shared last year as we rang in the new […]

7 Important Things to Think About When Launching a Brand

When we updated our website, I got a few questions about the new services we’ve added, mainly the Go-To-Market Strategy Consulting. I think it might have come as a surprise to some of our followers, who are made up of about half brand ambassadors and half health food brands (and a few agencies who spy […]